Italian-Canadian Short Films
The Bath
Il Bagno
Sergio Navarretta
Canada, 2002
26 minutes
Producer: Alessandra Piccione
Writer: Alessandra Piccione
Principal Cast: Brooke Snider, Peter Didiano, Lucy DiPucchio, Margeaux Palmer, May MacDonald

A hopelessly romantic young woman finds herself on the verge of literary success with her first novel entitled Il Bagno (The Bath). In the novel she has written her own death scene. Is it just a clever literary device or a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Vincenzo Natali

Something very strange is going on in a downtown office building. Two passengers in an elevator are joined by a third who is covered in blood, who is raving of monsters on a murderous rampage and things just get progressively more terrifying from there. This fabulous short inspired Natali's blockbuster first feature film Cube.

Canada, 1995
21 minutes
Producer: Steven Hoban, Vanessa C. Laufer
Writer: Karen Walton, Vincenzo Natali
Principal Cast: Vickie Papavs, Bruce McFee, David Hewlett
First Generation
Vince DeMarinis
Canada, 2001
16 minutes
Producer: Vince DeMarinis
Writer: Vince DeMarinis

A young Italian-Canadian reluctantly attends a birthday party being held in his honour by an Aunt. He brings two of his best friends from different ethnic backgrounds.

An attractive Italian girl has eyes for him he barely seems to notice until the family turns on him for his choice of companions and he suddenly realizes that she too is suffering from the weight of unrealistic expectations.

This film deals with the clash of cultures visible even in today's multi-ethnic multi cultural society.

Franco - Story of an Immigrant
Storia di un Emigrante
Salvatore Greco

Franco is struggling with a job that is beneath him, to raise a family, to come to terms with the Canadian culture into which he has emigrated. Franco's story is one to which many new Canadians can relate. His struggle represents that of many Italian-Canadians. Made in the mid-70s, this film creates a point of contrast about how much change a quarter century of immigration has brought about, both to the power of the Italian Canadian community and chances for towards a better life that all Italian immigrants to Canada now have.

Canada, 1976
28 minutes
Producer: Salvatore Grecco
Writer: James Aquila, Lesley Dobson, Salvatore Grecco
Principal Cast: Carlo Croccolo, Marina Rabissi, Antonio Galati, Nicola Serio, Nino Pietropaolo, Domenico Capogreco
Portrait of a Street (The Soul and Spirit of College)
Sandra Danilovic
Canada, 2001
52 minutes
Producer: Sandra Danilovic
Writer: Sandra Danilovic

One of the most important streets in the 20th century history of Toronto, this portrait of Toronto's College Street includes much of its rich ethnic heritage. The story is told through the recollections of some it College Street's most notable inhabitants, such as Johnny Lombardi, Sam Sniderman, Bill and Ted Sherman, Stanley Grizzle and Rose Greico.

When The Walls Come Down
Daniel De Santo

Two convicts meet in a long tunnel in the bowels of a maximum security prison, where one reveals a secret to the other. One that will bring the walls of the prison down and free them. Or so they think.

Canada, 2002
5 minutes
Producer: Daniel De Santo
Writer: Ryan McCambridge
Principal Cast: Anthony Gieco, Angelo Tucci, Mark Reilly
Screening times:

Saturday, June 22nd, 2002
4:00 pm • Bloor